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The First of its Kind

Spark SourceOne machine

Taking an idea, applying creativity with engineering and manufacturing experience, the people at SourceOne in Lincoln, Nebraska have built a reputation for machine build excellence.

A recent example is a robotic assembly cell for Becton-Dickinson (BD), which was designed to package hypodermic needles. The machine build comes nearly 25 years into the relationship between SourceOne and BD. While SourceOne has made multiple machine packers and have worked on several designs for BD, this is the first time they’ve made a full robot application. This robotic cell is the first of its kind and impressively packages 300 pieces per minute.

Three robots by Fanuk pick up 100 needles per minute and load them into nests; those nests are then picked and placed into a vacuum form packaging machine.

“These robots are solving problems for the assembly challenges that BD was facing,” says General Manager of SourceOne Eric Slezak. “This machine gives us leads and territory opportunities to leverage winning more robotic projects in the future.”

SourceOne has established a national reputation for successfully building one of a kind machines. “We start with the customer’s needs and a blank piece of paper,” Slezak says.

This developmental process can prove to be one of the most challenging areas of the project. But with a renowned engineering team, SourceOne leverages its people to develop a machine that fits the customers’ requirements. “Our biggest asset is our people at SourceOne. Our success is the result of years of experience addressing unique engineering projects”.