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We work with large heavy duty truck OEMs to provide solutions in performance, protection and cosmetics.

We proudly serve all major truck OEMs in North America

We work with large heavy duty truck OEMs to ensure that their trucks perform well, look great and withstand the wear and tear of the open road. Our cosmetic finishes are unmatched in the heavy-duty truck market. With the largest nickel chrome plating line in North America we can plate large products like class 8 stacks, bumpers, grill guards and elbows. Our long history in metal finishing has resulted in large truck OEM's like Navistar, Volvo and PACCAR working with us on designing, polishing and plating their large cosmetic parts.  

Our cosmetic technologies:

  • Provide unique, trend-setting style
  • Offer a high quality, durable finish
  • Include thermal and UV performance benefits

Our heat management technologies:

  • Reduce the heat of the engine components
  • Mitigate fire risks
  • Redirect heat in the exhaust

Our protective technologies:

  • Provide chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Extend the life of vital engine components
  • Replace e-coat while adding performance benefits