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Value Added Services

Design & Engineering

Value Added Services

Design and Engineering

Our teams of specialized engineers work with customers from concept to production to ensure the highest quality, performance and style.

From concept to production, we bring our customer's visions to life

Men reviewing blueprints.

Our goal is to bring our customer's vision to life.  In order to do that, we work closely with our customers to understand their strategic goals combined with the engineering needs of a project and provide value from the start of the design phase. We have an innovation team made up of specialized engineers dedicated to developing new technologies that solve specific challenges in heat management, protection and cosmetics.

Our engineering teams work collaboratively with customers to:

  • Design products to ensure optimal plating.
  • Develop technologies to solve or prevent problems in the areas of heat management, protection and cosmetics.
  • Ensure quality standards are met or exceeded.
  • Assess current products to see where value can be added in regards to style or performance. 
  • Redesign existing products to improve performance and reduce cos