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We work with premium motorsports OEMs to develop cosmetic finishes and functional coatings that make their bikes stand out among the rest.

Man investigating a metal exhaust pipe.

We proudly serve the nation's leading motorcycle manufacturers

We work with both motorcycle OEMs and aftermarket motorcycle companies to create products that perform great, last long and make a bold statement. We've been plating highly cosmetic parts for the leader of domestic motorcycles for over 25 years and have received many awards for our work. Our years of finishing experience allow us to offer unique, alternative finishes that match demanding consumer trends and provide motorsports brand with a competitive advantage. Whether its heat management or improved style, our long history in this market means we understand where it's headed and can offer technologies that are ahead of the curve.

Metal parts.

Our cosmetic technologies offer:

  • Unmatched quality. Proven by our history with brands like Harley Davidson, Polaris and Indian
  • Unique, competitive advantages using proprietary finishes that stand out
  • Additional performance benefits like UV resistance, thermal stability, durability and more

Our heat management technologies offer:

  • Improved rider comfort
  • Reduction of surface temperatures on exhaust
  • High temperature coatings that can withstand exhaust gas temperatures

Our corrosion and wear technologies offer:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reduced warranty claims