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Lincoln Industries partners with premier appliance OEM brands to provide cosmetic, protection, heat management, and supply chain management solutions.

Assortment of silver kitchen appliances.

We work with the top OEMs in appliances to provide the most innovative solutions.

Lincoln Industries has worked with appliance OEMs to develop coating solutions that create thermal stability and perform under high heat conditions. Our finishes adhere to the highest cosmetic standards, maintaining their color and appearance without staining, while retaining non-stick properties that make surfaces easy to clean. 

Our tool design, zinc and aluminum die casting, stamping, forging, tube bending, polishing, plating, coating and supply chain management capabilities enable Lincoln Industries to be a premier Tier 1 and Tier 2 partner. 

Target Products

Range Oven/Stove Refrigerator
Freezer Microwave Stand mixer
Warming drawer Toaster Dish washer
Exhaust hood Washing machine Dryer

Our cosmetic technologies:

  • Provide unique, trend-setting style
  • Offer a high quality, cleanable and durable finish
  • Include thermal and performance benefits

Our heat management technologies:

  • Reduce the heat transfer of high heat components
  • Reduce color variation in high heat components

Our protective technologies:

  • Provide chemical, corrosion and heat resistance
  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Extend the life and customer experience associated with vital components