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Branded Products: A Source of Exceptional Growth

Annual Report 2020

Lincoln Industries’ commitment to diversifying their business with their own branded products created stability and growth when other markets were soft.

Branded Products Director Nate Meiergerd reflects on 2020, “The year brought many challenges that the entire enterprise felt,” he said. “Team members at both brands did a great job in meeting challenges and finding new ways to operate successfully in these tough times.” 

For Khrome Werks, quality and efficiency improvements were a top priority last year.

Operations teams looked for ways to improve products’ designs and flow through the facility, which drove many efficiencies. With the support of a group of people, Khrome Werks launched new methods for manufactured products. 

“We focused on new product launches to meet customer preferences and strengthen our brand,” said Meiergerd. “And we were able to set a standard to new product launches locking in margins, ensuring profitability.” Khrome Werks launched a new 4.5-inch muffler with a slash cut tip, hideaway headers, and buck series handlebars, all projected to do well in the marketplace.

In August, the Khrome Werks team saw a significant increase in direct consumer sales at the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota. Their presentation improved with an upgraded trailer and booth that showcased the products, leading to a significant retail sales spike. 

“We’re proud of the efforts that went into Khrome Werks from all avenues,” Meiergerd says. “It was truly a team effort that made us successful.”

And Lincoln Industries branded product success doesn’t end there. Lincoln Chrome saw an increase in sales in 2020 with continued growth. Their sales team is working with dealers to get messaging in front of the end-users about their differentiating characteristics. In addition to exhaust systems, Lincoln Chrome is emerging as a leader in the bumper and visor markets.

In the past, Lincoln Chrome took new products into the market at trade shows, but in 2020, a pivot was necessary. With some flexibility, they successfully launched new bumpers and visors digital campaigns.

“We were impressed with the success of the digital rollout of our launches,” said Meiergerd. “Though there is something to be said about the grass-roots approach, we’re excited to pair the two together for future releases.”

Lincoln Chrome has focused on exhaust systems for years, but as changes come to the industry, like the need for reduced emissions and aero trucks without stacks, they want to remain a leader. 

“We want to see success with our bumpers and visors that we’ve experienced with our exhaust,” said Meiergerd. “We’re glad to be putting ourselves into that position with our new product launches and look forward to growing into that space in the coming years.”

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