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Total Wellbeing | Evolve

Annual Report 2020

Lincoln Industries is no stranger to promoting wellness for its people. For over 40 years, Lincoln Industries has invested in its wellness culture. What’s made the program successful in integrating wellness into all aspects of the company.

The wellness team has routinely found ways to engage with their people by encouraging participation in challenges and programmings like the Holiday Hustle, Health Screens, and the BRIN Blackout 10k Series. But when Wellness Manager Brandon Noerrlinger began leading the wellness program, he saw the need for a new way of thinking.

“Although our engagement is high, there is always an opportunity for improvement,” said Noerrlinger. “A healthy workforce extends beyond our organization. We can be more innovative and do more for our customers because of our commitment to wellness,” he stated.

So began Evolve.

Lincoln Industries uses data to drive its programs aligned with healthcare trends used as a basis for its platinum wellness structure. Developing custom wellness programs to stay forward-looking and cutting edge is essential. The compelling results not only create value for the company but, more importantly, for Lincoln Industries’ people and their families. “We analyze data from our population to develop programs that have the most impact,” says Noerrlinger.

Evolve’s mission statement is: “To empower our people with the resources and to coach to become better versions of themselves and own their wellbeing journey.”

Evolve is symbolized through a wellness wheel comprised of the following domains: body, mind, financial, community, and purpose. “Lincoln Industries has always done a magnificent job helping our people maintain a healthy body and also recognizes the importance of investing in the whole person,” said Noerrlinger. “We’re taking benefits that Lincoln Industries has offered for several years and are packaging them differently and encouraging our people to consider all domains in their wellness journeys.”

The vision for launching Evolve has taken a different shape. Originally envisioned as an opportunity for personalized training, mentoring, and coaching, Lincoln Industries had to switch gears on the pandemic approach. The initial launching point has now become an email newsletter geared towards specific wellbeing topics of interest to Lincoln Industries’ people.

“Evolve is exciting because it started with programs and capabilities we already have, but there isn’t a finish line. We are excited to continually innovate and expand on our offerings and the program formats to give our people the tools and resources to be successful in owning their wellbeing,” said Noerrlinger.

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