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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

What We Do

Supply Chain Management

We have resources, connections and expertise that allow us to build effective global supply chains for our customers.

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We manage global supply chains

Managing global supply chains has long been a part of Lincoln Industries' core capabilities. Being able to provide comprehensive solutions starts with a strong supply chain. Through years of experience, we've acquired the resources, connections and expertise to effectively establish strong supply chains around the world and in turn improve the quality, delivery and cost of products to our customers. We are always improving and adding suppliers to our supply base to better support our strategic customers.

We offer Tier 1 services to our customers where we address any issues using our developed suppliers and sell a part to the customer that is completely managed by us.

We provide solutions that consolidate the supply chain, drive improvement and offer optimal value for our customers through:

  • Early supplier design involvement
  • Cost improvements
  • Risk management
  • Lead-time reduction
  • Contingency plans
  • Service parts supply management
  • Hosted supplier conference
  • Multiple material, product and assembly options